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Topics @ a Glance - National Accounts

National Accounts Releases

The National Accounts is a systematic framework for the presentation of statistics that provide a wide range of information about the economy. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the most commonly used measure of economic growth and is produced on a quarterly and financial year basis. Detailed breakdowns of the three measures of GDP (Income, Expenditure and Production) are also produced.

Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product (cat. no. 5206.0)

National Income, Expenditure and Product provides quarterly estimates of GDP and its components. Estimates of State final demand and detailed expenditure by state is also provided. In addition analytical series which provide further understanding of economic phenomena and a limited annual data is also provided.

Australian System of National Accounts (cat. no. 5204.0)

Provides annual estimates of GDP which are used as benchmarks for the quarterly accounts. More detailed breakdowns of various components of the National Accounts than can be found in the quarterly national accounts are also produced. In addition information on Capital, Investment, Productivity and Sector (Household, Financial Corporations etc) accounts are also provided.

Australian National Accounts: State Accounts (cat. no. 5220.0)

Estimates of Gross state product and its major components (including State final demand) are produced on an annual basis. Household income and Income components of Gross state product are also included in this publication.

Australian National Accounts: Financial Accounts (cat. no. 5232.0)

Provides quarterly estimates of the financial flows between sectors of the domestic economy and with the rest of the world. In addition, the publication provides estimates of the financial assets and liabilities owned by each sector and various sub-sectors at the end of each quarter.

Spotlight on National Accounts (cat. no. 5202.0)

Spotlight on National Accounts is based around topical themes and will help expand users understanding of the compilation of the National Accounts and their relationship to other statistics published by the ABS.

Australian National Accounts: Concepts, Sources and Methods (cat. no. 5216.0)

Provides the history, conceptual framework, and structure of the National Accounts. Detailed explanation of the methodology underlying volume measures; sector accounts; capital formation; capital stock; input-output statistics; data sources and methods of estimation are provided in this publication.

More detailed and specialised National Accounts publications and a range of Feature articles, Research papers, Information papers and reference material can be found in the links below.

Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables (cat. no. 5209.0.55.001)
Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables, Product Details (cat. no. 5215.0.55.001)
Australian National Accounts: Tourism Satellite Account (cat. no. 5249.0)
Australian National Accounts: Non-Profit Institutions Satellite Account (cat. no. 5256.0)
Australian National Accounts: Information and Communication Technology Satellite Account (cat. no. 5259.0)
Australian National Accounts: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts (cat. no. 5271.0)

National Accounts Theme Page

National Accounts

Feature Articles

Index of Feature Articles

Information/Research Papers

Information Paper: Gross State Product using the Production approach GSP(P) (cat. no. 5220.0.55.002)
Information Paper: Experimental Estimates of Industry Multifactor Productivity (cat. no. 5260.0.55.001)
Information Paper: Quality Dimensions of the Australian National Accounts (cat. no. 5216.0.55.002)
Research Paper: A Supply and Use Model for Editing the Quarterly National Accounts, Australia (cat. no. 5258.0)
Information Paper: Implementing New Estimates of Hours Worked into the Australian National Accounts (cat. no. 5204.0.55.003)
Working Papers in Econometrics and Applied Statistics: No 2004/1 Measuring the Stock of Human Capital for Australia (cat. no. 1351.0.55.001)
Research Paper: Estimating Industry-Level Multifactor Productivity for the Market-Sector Industries in Australia (cat. no. 1351.0.55.004)
Research Paper: Quality-adjusted Labour Inputs (cat. no. 1351.0.55.010)
Information Paper: Improvements to ABS Economic Statistics (cat. no. 1357.0)
Information Paper: Improvements in ABS Economic Statistics [Arising from the New Tax System] (cat. no. 1372.0)
Information Paper: ABS Statistics and the New Tax System (cat. no. 1358.0)
Information Paper: Introduction of Chain Volume and Price Indexes (cat. no. 5248.0)
Information Paper: Implementation of Revised International Standards in the Australian National Accounts (cat. no. 5251.0)
Information Paper: Upgraded Australian National Accounts Addendum (cat. no. 5253.0)
Information Paper: Upgraded Australian National Accounts: Financial Accounts (cat. no. 5254.0)

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