About the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Our vision

Unleashing the power of statistics for a better Australia.

Our role

The ABS is Australia’s national statistical agency, providing trusted official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters of importance to Australia.

We also have an important leadership role, coordinating statistical activities and collaborating with official bodies in the collection, compilation, analysis and distribution of statistics. This assists in maximising the value of government investment on these activities, and ensures outputs are fit-for-purpose.

By doing these things, we aim to inform decisions on important issues. We expect this will lead to a more informed community; more efficient markets, economic growth and productivity enhancements; better policy development and evaluation; and targeted and more efficient service delivery.

Transforming for the future

We operate in a dynamic environment. New opportunities for accessing and interrogating a vast amount of administrative, transactional and other data are becoming available, increasing the potential to provide new insights into matters of importance to Australians.

In response to this, the ABS will undergo major transformation over the coming years. It will encompass how we operate as an organisation, both internally and as part of the wider information community; our statistical infrastructure; our people and culture; and the statistical solutions we deliver.