ABS/Universities Australia Agreement

The ABS/Universities Australia Agreement provides a range of products and services to participating Australian universities. Under the Agreement, staff and students are not individually invoiced for their use of the charged ABS products and services that are covered under the Agreement. This is because Universities Australia has paid for access on behalf of participating universities.

See How to apply for access to products available under the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement.

For more information about Universities Australia, visit www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au or email contact@universitiesaustralia.edu.au.

Other useful information for university students is available at Services for universities.



TableBuilder is an online tool for creating tables from ABS Census or survey data. Starting with an empty table, data variables can be selected for cross-tabulation. Tables can be saved within TableBuilder or exported in CSV, Excel or SDMX format. Census and survey data are split into separate online tools.


Microdata (unit record data) provides detailed information about individuals, households and businesses. It is released to authorised users for approved purposes of statistical analysis and research. Available products include basic and expanded Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs). Basic CURFs can be accessed in a user's own environment. Expanded CURFs contain more information for each record and are accessed by logging into the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL).


Under the current Agreement, users at each participating university may access in the DataLab. The DataLab provides:

  • on-site access in ABS premises in each state and territory, with advance books essential
  • standard statistical analysis packages (SAS, SPSS or Stata)
  • access to Expanded CURFs and Detailed Microdata that users have been approved to access.

Loading of other statistical packages or software may incur additional charges outside the Agreement.

Luxembourg Income Study

The Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) is a cross national data archive located in Luxembourg. The Agreement provides access to LIS data for Australian researchers. LIS is a depository for anonymised household survey microdata provided by international agencies. The range of household income data surveys represented in LIS includes ABS Income and Housing Costs microdata. Microdata from all international collections included in LIS have been adjusted to provide income, demographic, labour market and expenditure information on three different levels: household, person and child. Almost all the microdata files in LIS cover multiple reference periods.

Access is subject to users registering to use LIS through signing an annual pledge and submitting this to LIS. For information about LIS, refer to the Luxembourg Income Study website.


The ABS privacy policy outlines how the ABS handles any personal information that you provide to us.