Planning for the 2016 Census of Population and Housing is underway.

The ABS released a publication proposing directions for Australia's 17th national Census, to be held in August 2016.

The publication 2016 Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on content and procedures, 2016 (cat. no. 2007.0) outlines initial ABS views on topics and procedures for the 2016 Census.

The ABS presented the proposed directions for the 2016 Census to data users and the general public through a series of public information sessions in November 2012.

The 2016 Census Topic Consultation presentation (PDF 546 Kb) contains the presentation slides that were used at the information sessions throughout the consultation phase. Interested parties can also view a public information webinar which was held in April 2013.

Submission process

Interested parties were invited to make a submission in accordance with the submission guidelines. Submissions were open from November 2012 and closed May 2013.

An update on the content of the 2016 Census was released on 2 June, 2015. Nature and content of the 2016 Census.

Census tests

In the lead up to the 2016 Census, the ABS will be conducting a series of field tests to trial new systems and procedures aimed at increasing online participation in the Census.

If your household is selected to participate in the test, you are encouraged to complete the Census online – it’s fast, easy, secure and environmentally friendly.

Your cooperation will help the ABS run a more efficient Census that will help reduce the cost of the Census to the community and provide better information for future decisions.

You can complete the Census wherever you can access the internet – you don’t need to use your home computer. You can use a dial-up, broadband, mobile or wireless connection.